Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Metal cross

We are dead promotions would like to welcome to the stage Metal cross from Nottingham UK!

If your fans of Iced earth and Testament you will love these guys!
Metal Cross are a fuel filled Power Thrash Metal band from Nottingham England. Formed in 2008 & likened to Iced Earth with James Hetfield on Vocals.
They stand apart in the current climate of trends and mediocrity bringing back the nostalgia of early thrash.
With over 10,000 plays on myspace alone they look set to be big.
With gigs set to play in Mansfield at the Town mill in November and in Bristol in February you will not be dissapointed!

Current members
Kristian M Bradley (Vocals/Guitars),
Jimmy Moorby (Guitars),
Andrew Ryan (Bass Guitar),
Richard James Magee (Drums)