Wednesday, 29 September 2010



Current members
Bass - Ben Jones
Vocals - Peet Bailey
Lead Guitar - Stevie E
Guitar - Adam Sidor
Drums - Dave Roberts

Formed; 2007

Severenth are no strangers to the metal scene!
Formed in 2007, since then the band have toured the UK with their debut album " The Age Of Paranoia" The album gained critical acclaim with outstanding reviews, and also won the Playmusic UK best unsigned metal act of 2009.
Severenth have so far shared the stage with the likes of Skindred; Il Nino; Kittie; Soil; Hed p.e.; Bring Me The Horizon; 3 Inches of Blood; Biomechanical; Trigger The Bloodshed; Forever Never; Panic Cell; Will Haven; plus loads more.
Currently finishing material for their new album, Severenth are set to make it big
2010, Severenth have set their sights on international waters, Having toured the USA under ROSM, the band is looking to record their new album which will be released late 2010/early 2011

With upcoming shows at the following! You'd be a fool to miss them!

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Metal cross

We are dead promotions would like to welcome to the stage Metal cross from Nottingham UK!

If your fans of Iced earth and Testament you will love these guys!
Metal Cross are a fuel filled Power Thrash Metal band from Nottingham England. Formed in 2008 & likened to Iced Earth with James Hetfield on Vocals.
They stand apart in the current climate of trends and mediocrity bringing back the nostalgia of early thrash.
With over 10,000 plays on myspace alone they look set to be big.
With gigs set to play in Mansfield at the Town mill in November and in Bristol in February you will not be dissapointed!

Current members
Kristian M Bradley (Vocals/Guitars),
Jimmy Moorby (Guitars),
Andrew Ryan (Bass Guitar),
Richard James Magee (Drums)

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Monday, 27 September 2010


We are dead promotions would like to proudly introduce our 2nd band!


If you like industrial you will love these guys! They're currently seeking a new guitarist so if you think you could help these guys out drop them a line at Myspace or Vampirefreaks!

Band Name: 

Zach - Vocals/Programming
Kevin - Synths
Sara - Percussion


None Available

When Was Your Band Formed?

Noizezzor was originally formed as a solo noise project by Zach. After getting superior equipment, Zach decided to go for a more Industrial sound. He would later get a couple live members so he can take his show on the road.

Our favorite track: Energy (error 404

TO listen to their music or just to add them go to

Saturday, 25 September 2010

We are dead promotions would like to welcome our first band! DIGITALIS PURPUREA



Members: Pi Greco

Genre: Post-Industrial Rock

When was your band formed: since 2000

Short bio about project;

Digitalis Purpurea is an Electro-Industrial project creating idiosyncratic music since 2000 from Turin, Italy. The Monicker Pi Greco has fused together several modern variations to produce a new, potent, synthesized shockwave. Digitalis Purpurea is the botanic name of the Purple Foxglove, a plant symbol of temptation, pleasant but at the same time destructive. Traditionally the foxglove was used as medical plant but had also an obscure use, an overdose in fact is lethal. That's why it was called "devil's finger". Particularly Pi Greco chose the name referring to a poem by Giovanni Pascoli "Digitale Purpurea", where he compares Maria, the blonde innocent to Rachele the brunette with "burning eyes". This is also the inspiration for one of their first songs "Elena & Maria". The first demo tape “Pi Greco Squad" has been produced in a very limited number of copies and it has been recorded in winter 2003 at CryptoStudio with a vintage analogic 8-tracks recorder that provides a rough, rotten and rusty sound to the songs. A new approach that mix together modern electronic beats and old school black metal style making the band a new talent of the Italian industrial scene. Some songs included in the first release has been re-proposed in 2004 with the self-produced EP “19 celebrations in 19 mutilations” that helped to solidify Digitalis’ international fanbase through their web-presences. In 2005 they recorded the cover of ‘Ideomatic’ as a tribute to the space rock band Rockets, selected to take part to the second volume of the "IBM compilation" a manifesto of the EBM-Electro-Industrial made in Italy. In March 2007 has been released the split-cd "Gears of Industry" together with the band No Forgiveness to promote the exclusive live show "Turin Industrial Massacre" and in May 12 they have been selected to support "Das Ich" with a unique show in collaboration of the fetish burlesque performers "Diamond Dolls". After two years of gigs and recording sessions in 2008 Digitalis Purpurea signed a worldwide contract with Aural Music/Dreamcell11 to publish the brand new full-length album titled "Aseptic White". 10 new tracks sound engineered by Victor Love (Dope stars Inc) where their violent sound mixed with a more hit-oriented production will make this record a new masterpiece of the band. Several collaborations will guest in the record beginning with the artwork, designed by Anna Taschini and the cover model SeaOfSin from " _ Le spaghetti pin-up". The tracklist will include two meaningful bonus tracks: "Ideomatic" featuring Celine Cecilia Angel from the Austrian project Sanguis et Cinis and the cover "Maneater" the renowned pop song by Nelly Furtado born from the artistic partnership with the Italian electro rock "spanker" Tying Tiffany. This cover represents a turning point for Digitalis' sound and a new slap to the even more stereotyped industrial music scene.


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