Sunday, 3 October 2010

Digitalis purpurea NEW ALBUM

Digitalis purpurea are set to release their next full length album!

“Emotional Decompression Chamber”is the new concept album of  Electro Industrial RockersDigitalis Purpurea. the Album is scheduled for November 12th on Dreamcell11 Entertainment, the Aural Music sublabel specialized in dark music.
A cinematic record that defines a sound that uses the ideal combination sound-images as its keystone. The protagonists of the lyrics, Junichiro and Ishtar, are a modern version of Fando y Lis (first work of Alejandro Jodorowsky) chasing the legendary city called Tar on a David Lynch’s Lost Highway. The sound is the soundtrack to this imaginary film. A mixture of electro-clash beats, lysergic desert rock guitars and lo-fi vocals sometimes played from a busted grammophone. A damp cave, decadent, in which the figures appear faded, never sharp, where the substance is tinged with noir and the mind is lost forfeited in a thick consistency sensory tunnel where the end is distant and blurred, lower and lower, until the bowels of the unconscious